Federal Programs

As part of a joint effort to increase student achievement, Coffee County Schools uses federal funds to provide maximum benefit for all students. State and local requirements match and support federal program goals. Through cooperative planning between federal programs and other key personnel, federal programs are a part of a uniform plan to implement changes detailed in the state's Accountability Plan. Federal funds, along with funding from state and local sources, are coordinated and blended to provide a total program designed to foster educational improvement. The focus is increased student learning through greater cross-program coordination and planning. The purpose  is to ensure that all students are served in the best possible fashion, enabling them to meet challenging content and performance standards. 


Coffee County Schools Federal Programs contact information--

*Mrs. Kelly Cobb, Federal Programs Coordinator


Office Phone:  334-897-5016


*Ms. Carol Mooney, Homeless Liaison


Office Phone:  334-897-5016